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CHEMPAC Support Needed 2023
Sunday, December 31, 2023
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Chemical Industry Council of Illinois (CICI) Members


Mark Biel, Chief Executive Officer
Brad Babcook, Director of Legislative Affairs
217-522-5805 or [email protected]


Additional CHEMPAC Support Needed

Despite a legislature and administration which is growing more progressive with each election, CICI was able to hold off devastating Environmental Justice (EJ) measures, PFAS bans and restrictions, a half-billion-dollar Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) initiative, numerous bans on our products and processes, stringent new regulations, expensive new energy mandates, workplace restrictions on who we can hire, and numerous tax and fee hike proposals.

In the past, when the General Assembly had a more balanced composition of members, most of these harmful legislative measures wouldn’t have seen the light of day, much less been given the full-throated voice that we’ve seen in recent legislative activity.  However, without any foreseen changes in the balance of state’s political make-up, these types of challenges will not only remain for the industry, but become more commonplace, and have a greater chance of succeeding.

The reason we are contacting you today is simple - CICI needs to step up its game in retaining lawmakers and electing candidates which view our industry as a real benefit to the state’s economy. Next year’s election is already shaping up. In other words, we need to grow the PAC substantially. CICI is asking for your support of CHEMPAC, the only political action committee that solely represents the state’s chemical industry.

CICI has only been successful in stopping devastating legislation because our membership is engaged in the political process. We also have an active and experienced lobbying team, and we’ve utilized CHEMPAC to make our voice heard. But the demands on CHEMPAC have grown exponentially and will only keep growing. The next election is less than a year away.

Thank you for your time and consideration in making a CHEMPAC donation by completing the attached card.

Note:   Corporate contributions to CHEMPAC are legal in Illinois.


 We can support CHEMPAC by making a contribution of:

           _____ $500                             ____ $2,500 

           _____ $1,000                          ____ $5,000 

           _____ $1,500                          ____ $7,500 

           _____ $2,000                          _____$10,000 

           _____ other  

*corporate contributions are legal in Illinois* 

Checks can be made payable to:

1400 E. Touhy Ave, Suite 210
Des Plaines, IL 60018

ONLINE PAYMENT HERE Or e-mail this form to [email protected] 

Name_____________________________________ Phone______________________ 

Company Name_________________________________________________________ 


Bill Company __________                        Payment Enclosed __________ 


Name ___________________________________Signature ____________________ 

Account Number ________________________________Expiration Date __________ 

_______ CCV 

Your support of CHEMPAC is greatly appreciated!