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CHEMPAC Support Needed
Saturday, December 31, 2022
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Additional CHEMPAC Support Needed

The last few years have been particularly hostile for the chemical industry at the hands of elected officials.  In spite of these challenges, we have held off all general tax and fee increases.  Organized labor’s long-sought initiative to force member facilities into paying prevailing wage has stalled for now.  Numerous attempts to regulate the industry under new and devastating Environmental Justice policies were also halted.  We were also able to kill off all attempts at banning our products. 

In the past, when the General Assembly had a better composition of its members, most of these harmful legislative measures would have been dismissed, or significantly altered.  However, without any foreseen changes in the balance of state’s political make-up, these types of challenges will remain for the industry, become more commonplace, and have a greater chance of succeeding. 

This is the most crucial election in recent memory.  Every statewide office in Illinois, from governor on down, State Supreme Court seats, and every seat in the General Assembly is up for grabs.  Many of these contests will determine the state’s agenda as well as the make-up of the state legislature for the next decade.  There will also be mid-term Congressional elections under a new presidential administration. In other words, we cannot begin to tell you how decisive and paramount the 2022 elections will be for this industry. 

Therefore, we are writing to you today.  The state’s chemical industry has a real opportunity this year to ensure that newly elected officials fully understand the importance this industry has on the state’s economy and workforce. To achieve this goal, we’re going to need a PAC that is capable of competing with our adversaries. 

Simply put – we need to step up our game in retaining lawmakers and electing candidates that view our industry as a real benefit to the state’s economy.  As such, we need to grow our PAC exponentially. 

Thank you for your time and consideration in making a CHEMPAC donation by completing the PDF FORM & email to [email protected] or CONTRIBUTE ONLINE.

Note:  Corporate contributions to CHEMPAC are legal in Illinois.